Blogging by Mail 2

BBM2 box

Today I received a tubload of Nutella cookies in the mail, plus loads of chocolate and other goodies that were carefully packaged. Jealous?

It was all courtesy of Blogging by Mail, an organized gift exchange between bloggers. Nicole (of The Baking Sheet) and I dreamt it up this summer. She sent me some homemade marshmallows, and then I sent her homemade Nutella. We decided it was too fun to keep to ourselves.

This time Kristin, a skateboarding mom from CA, sent me a lovely care package. She mailed out the package in September but got it returned to her because I gave out the wrong address. So she was generous enough to re-bake cookies and send it out all over again.

BBM contents

From left to right, I received a tumbler that holds milk and cookies, Ibarra Mexican chocolate (I’ve heard it’s excellent for hot chocolate), a giant mug, pens to decorate the mug with, Nutella Mexican wedding cookies, a mini pouch (I’m guessing Kristin made it), honey from avocado flowers, and Chocolove dark chocolate with raspberries.

Not to be biased, but I think I got the best package. How can you go wrong with chocolate? Thanks so much Kristin! I didn’t expect so much. My head is swimming with ideas as to how I can “repay” my next partner in the third edition of Blogging by Mail. Hurry, sign ups for BBM3: Home for the Holidays end on Oct. 23.

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1 Comment

  1. Nic said,

    Great package, Jessica. That mexican chocolate makes great hot chocolate, but I usually have to stick it in the blender to get it nice and creamy.

    October 21, 2005 at 9:08 am