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CulinaryCorps Trip
As noted before, I’m visiting New Orleans during the first week of June for a CulinaryCorps trip. It’s like Peace Corps, but for cooks. I’ve heard from visitors that it’s still pretty bad down there; there’s mold-infested houses, and mail can take a week. Some scheduled projects include a farmers market fundraiser, chocolate tasting with at-risk teens (wish me luck, I’ve never done a demo before), a shrimp boat tour and Emeril’s headquarters tour.

Through generous sponsorships, I only have to pay $300 for housing and most meals for the whole week! But future trips from Sept. 14-20 and Nov. 30-Dec. 6 could use more funds. I’d really appreciate it if you could donate any amount. If you were to do only one thing from this post, I’d rather have you donate than vote for this blog!

For more info, check out this CulinaryCorps video and recaps from the inaugural trip.

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