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  1. radish
    July 4, 2007

    i’m going to try adding vodka next time because when I made this, my yogurt also got hard. I wonder how come this happens? Why does store-bough (albeit not-tasty fro-yo) stay creamy and scoopable? I’m not a chemist, but i’m going to have to find out.

  2. Just the Facts
    July 20, 2007

    Pinkberry is just candy in a cup! The 13-ounce large size has 16 teaspoons of sugar (65 grams). That’s 1/3 cup of sugar in just the yogurt. The 8-ounce medium size has 10 teaspoons of sugar (40 grams) in just the yogurt. Toppings can add more sugar and fat. Pinkberry has yet to release the ingredients in their yogurt so we don’t know what it is. Pinkberry is loaded with sugar and hidden ingredients. Does this sound like a healthy snack or junk food?

  3. Natasha
    February 17, 2008

    I love Frogurt! … :-)

    I used to order it from Wards Ice Cream Co. in Paterson NJ, when I was managing the IBM Palisades Cafeteria years ago! The IBMers loved it – “God forbid” – if we ever run out of it!

    You can always order it from them and use an icecream maker to make your own at home!!

    Did you make your own frozen yogurt, using FAGE, in an icecream/frozen yogurt mashine or you just put it in a container in the freezer?

    • Jessica “Su Good Sweets”
      February 18, 2008

      Natasha, I bet lots of people will call Wards Ice Cream Co. to get Frogurt mix. What a great tip! I made my own frozen yogurt using Fage. If you just put the container in the freezer, it will get rock hard because it needs some sugar.

  4. yum
    June 9, 2008

    yogurtland or yogurt passion are the best…w/ some tart flavors…and some regular flavors (up to 16 flavs i.e. plain tart [yogurty flavor not vanilla]…other several tarts…then they have strawbery, mango, vanilla, vanilla no sugar added, chocolate, taro, just to name a few)…w/ lots of toppings such as the typical fruits and cheesecake bites, cookie dough, brownie bites, mochi, gummie bears, assorted nuts, crushed graham crackers…etc etc) and it’s self serve…much cheaper than pinkberry at 0.30-0.35 cents an ounce…so you put how much you want of anything and mix and match…etc….yummmy



    • Jessica “Su Good Sweets”
      June 9, 2008

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not a huge fan of Yogurtland. They’re better than Pinkberry, but the yogurt is too sweet and stiff for me.

  5. Kam
    July 13, 2009

    Several months ago a new restaurant opened in Montclair, New Jersey (12 miles west of Manhattan) called "Market." Not only its their food fantastic not to mention organic, but they make their own real frozen yogurt, soft serve. The owner told me its just plain yogurt and fruit juice. Its heaven in a cup. I seriously dream about it. $5 a serving and he tops it with local berries, nuts, or coconut. Since I can’t keep up the habit on a daily basis, Haagen Dazs makes a lowfat frozen yogurt in "Tart" natural which is very good. I am currently looking to replace my broken Krups ice cream maker so I can try to make my own.

    • Jessica “Su Good Sweets”
      July 13, 2009

      Kam, maybe I’ll go all the way to Montclair just for the food. Ha ha. I’ve heard of Haagen Daz’s tart yogurt, but I can’t find it in stores. :-( I like their vanilla and raspberry swirl though.

  6. tommmy A
    January 19, 2010

    Forty Carrots………….Best froyo on the planet. Rich yet not sweet, smooth and creamy, flavors that really taste good.

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