Interview with the “First Lady of Chocolate”

La Maison du Chocolat truffles

Fancy chocolate and sweet-salty pairings owe a lot to pastry chef Alice Medrich. She spots trends years, and sometimes decades, ahead of time. She made these little things called truffles 30 years ago in her Berkeley shop, Cocolat. Then she went on to decadent yet light desserts in her cookbook, Chocolate and the Art of Low-Fat Desserts. Her new book, Pure Dessert, takes another step forward by going back to the basics. Simple, artisan ingredients like whole grains, raw sugar and herbs are featured.

To celebrate Alice’s new book, I interviewed her for She talked about why her cakes have no frosting and the chef who unknowingly challenged her to make low-fat desserts. Don’t forget to try the whole wheat sablĂ© (French shortbread) recipe.

In the next couple weeks Sometime, check back here for audio outtakes of the interview. I think the piece left out some funny stuff. If all goes well, I’ll launch a “Sweet Talk” series with more podcasts.

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  1. Cakespy said,

    Yay for Sweet Talk! Yay on crack for whole wheat sable (insert accent on the e)!

    October 29, 2007 at 11:26 pm