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  1. jen of a2eatwrite
    April 20, 2008

    I love prunes. And this looks like a wonderful recipe – thanks for sharing!

  2. Katie
    April 21, 2008

    I love prine and don’t understnad thier bad image. Wouldn’t never have thought of soaking them in tea – brilliant idea.

  3. Nick
    April 21, 2008

    Sounds great, I love the tea addition. Earl grey is actually my all time favorite tea and one of the only ones I drink. Also, thanks for reminding me about those posts for cottage cheese ice cream and homemade ricotta, I forgot about those!

    The Peanut Butter Boy

  4. niko
    May 1, 2008

    So cool of you to feature prunes in a favorable light. I love prunes but am very closeted about it. They are truly one of the most healthy foods you can eat.

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