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  1. maris
    April 26, 2009

    Excellent idea! I always have saltines that I never know what to do with before they expire or become stale.

  2. Eliana
    April 26, 2009

    What a great use for left over crackers!

  3. Anna
    April 26, 2009

    Yum! I’ve eaten my share of cracker candy, but I’ve never seen a version made with condensed milk.

  4. Yuzhi
    April 27, 2009

    Can I order a batch?

  5. Fabjena
    May 12, 2009

    Looks so yummy, i love chocolate! :))

  6. Leanna
    July 1, 2009

    These are the best cookies EVER and so simple to make! Because they are rarely served, it becomes a great conversation topic. If you are more partial to the "sweeter" side of desserts (not that the sugar, condensed milk, and butter aren’t sweet enough), you can substitute the Saltine Crackers for Graham Crackers. You can also use candied nuts for the topping as well. Personally, I perfer the salty-n-sweet combination of the Saltine Crackers with salt sprinkled on the top. :)

  7. Sweet Freak
    July 24, 2009

    My mom has made these for Christmas the past coupe of years – yup, I love ‘em.

  8. Bonnie
    December 31, 2009

    Both the fries and the chocolate cracker things look amazing.

  9. Wendy
    January 5, 2010

    These look like so much fun, I’ll have to try them. In reference to making the toffee and graham cracker cookies, I actually do a version of those commercially (very small scale), but taking it to different extremes. I don’t make a homemade graham cracker because it’s not cost effective for me, and any extra toffee just makes them even more yummy. To avoid breaking your jaw, I always suggest that they be served at room temperature (especially the caramel apple variety I do), but some of them are really good cold! You can check them out at http://www.sugahshack.com. But now I have to try these too!!

  10. diane sydow
    September 26, 2010

    Has anyone tried this recipe using gluten-free crackers?

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