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  1. vanillasugarblog
    January 29, 2011

    is that how its made? that is so very interesting. been so interested in this. never thought they (the pearls) would be chewy. thanks for sharing. and no, i’ve never tried this but wanted too. is it really sweet? can we make it without the sugar?

    • Jessica “Su Good Sweets”
      February 1, 2011

      Dawn, it’s not very sweet. You can compare it to coffee. Very few people take it black, but adding sugar doesn’t make it taste candy sweet. Also, the tapioca pearls need sugar, as they have no flavor on their own.

  2. Eliana
    February 10, 2011

    Hmmm – I have never heard of this sort of tea before but it looks and sounds super sweet and delicious.

  3. siany
    February 25, 2011

    thank you for the recipe, I had always wondering how to sweeten these bubbles, didn’t know that it’s as simple as coating them with a sugar syrup…

  4. Jeanette
    February 26, 2011

    There’s a company that makes them near me in MD very good! There called Jasmine smootie world (they have other drinks too) I know they have the tapioca pearls I think they sweetened them becasue they’re sweet! Also there’s different flavors that make it sweet all together. I know they have the sugar syrup, milk powder, flavor powder, water, tea, ice and the pearls…

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