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About Su Good Sweets

When you want a guilt-free treat, you typically reach for a piece of fruit or a rubbery muffin. Then there’s real dessert: chocolate truffles, ice cream and Nutella cake. Su Good Sweets specializes in the healthy desserts above (the chocolate, not the diet muffins). It’s all about strategically using real butter and chocolate. Delicious desserts can be good for you, without unnatural ingredients.

About Jessica Su

I’m currently the senior producer at Travelandleisure.com and was the primary producer at Gourmet.com before that. My writing has also appeared in The Associated Press, Chow.com and Ladies’ Home Journal online. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

You can also view my photography at jessica.sugoodsweets.com. I shoot with Sony’s A57 and two prime lenses (Tokina 17mm f/3.5 and Sony Alpha 35mm f/1.8). Before that, I used Canon’s Digital Rebel and the kit lens.

I learned to bake long before I knew how to cook. Ever since middle school, my holiday tradition was making chocolate chip cookies with my mom. From there, I moved on to chocolate-filled macaroons, a lucky accident when I tried replicate my room mate’s favorite cookies. For a couple years, I sold hundreds of them through a word-of-mouth business. I learned how to cook by watching the Food Network (back in the day), reading cookbooks as if they were literature and helping out in some kitchens.

While I love to cook and respect chefs, I don’t intend to bake professionally. The long hours standing up aren’t for me. I’m content with writing about (and eating) dessert.

Editorial Policy

Su Good Sweets welcomes product pitches, as long as they have to do with dessert or healthy cooking. If you’d like to send a sample, feel free to contact me. While I’ll consider something for review, I can’t guarantee when/if/how it will be covered. As a service to the readers, I feature products that I genuinely like (I don’t like posting bad reviews) and disclose that it’s a free sample.

Some things I enjoy are whole grain, low-fat, low-sugar and vegan products. I also love a good bar of chocolate. I’m not fond of factory-made ingredients, such as shortening, high-fructose corn syrup, soy protein isolate and artificial flavorings. Because this is a recipe-driven site, I’m more likely to feature something I can cook with (ie a new type of flour or a baking cookbook) than a packaged product (like bottled iced tea).

Some other hints: please address me by my first name, not “Editor” or “Su.” It will make me feel special. 🙂 Lastly, no one likes unsolicited mail. Please don’t add me to your mailing list unless I opt in.

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